Ontario Issues 667 Invitations to Express Entry Candidates

Ontario Issues 667 Invitations

Ontario Issues 667 Invitations to Express Entry Candidates through its Skilled Trades Stream

Ontario receives additional 2019 nominations that invite Express Entry Candidates. New nominations bring Ontario’s 2019 allocation to 7,350. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has received an additional 700 nominations for this year 2019 and issued 667 invitations to Express Entry candidates through its Skilled Trades Stream. The additional nominations announced this week bring the (OINP)’s annual allocation under Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to 7,350.

The Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) allows participating provinces and territories to nominate a set number of Economic Class immigration candidates every year for Canadian permanent residence. The additional nominations will allow the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) to continue processing applications and issuing nominations on top of its original 2019 allocation of 6,650, which the OINP said it has now reached.

Ontario issues invitations to express entry candidates
Express Entry Invitations

On 11th December 2019, the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program reported that they are issuing 667 Notifications of Interest (NOI) to Express Entry Candidates through its one of the Skilled Trades Stream. This stream is one of the 3 OINP immigration pathways which is linked to the Federal Express Entry System which is Canada’s main source of skilled foreign labor. The human capital priorities stream has been by far the busiest this year 2019, by issuing 7000 Notifications of Interest (NOI) to candidates or applicants over the course of 5 draws.

The Express Entry candidates who receive a provincial nomination were awarded an extra 600 points towards their Comprehensive Ranking System Score which is effectively guaranteed an invitation to apply for Canada Permanent Residence. The Skilled Trades Program allows the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program to search the Express Entry pool candidates or applicants with Ontario work experience in eligible skilled trades and invite them to apply for a provincial nomination for PR.

The Eligible trades are those listed in Minor Group 633 or Major Groups 72, 73 or 82 of Canada’s National Occupational Classification  (NOC). In the latest draw which held on 11th Dec 2019, selection round saw Express Entry candidates with Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores as low as 410 receive a Notification of Interest (NOI). The federal draw from the Express Entry pool that was held the same day had a minimum score of 472.

The Express Entry Candidates who received a notification of interest (NOI) should apply for a provincial nomination from Ontario which will be considered under the OINP 2020 nomination allocation. For more details on eligibility requirements for the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) Skilled Trades Stream, please click here 

Temporary Foreign Worker Nominations
Temporary Foreign Worker Nominations

The Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) has also announced that applications for another 250 dedicated nominations for temporary foreign workers with work experience that is rated skill level ‘C’ under Canada’s (NOC) will continue to be processed under the OINP’s In-Demand Skills Stream. These nominations are part of a federal initiative announced earlier this year 2019 which created 2,000 additional Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) spaces this year so long-term and intermediate-skilled temporary foreign workers who have integrated into Canadian society can transition to permanent residents.

It’s great to see the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program cap what’s been an incredible year with new Express Entry invitations which said by David Cohen, he is the senior partner with Campbell Cohen Canadian immigration law firm in Montreal-Canada. The invitations are also a good reminder that there are options for potentially obtaining a federal invitation to apply for Canada permanent residence when you have a lower CRS score with a provincial nomination being chief among them.

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